The World's Best Short Stories: 127 Funny Short Stories About Unbelievable Stuff That Actually

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Do you want to be entertained by strange, unique and interesting true stories?

Or maybe just have a laugh?

The World's Best Short Stories is a compendium of crazy and oddly funny stories from different periods across human history. You’ll learn about pompous politicians, admirable animals, and some very strange oddballs!

The book provides the reader with an easily accessible entrance into some of the most important aspects of human history. The stories are packed with humor and jokes to offer up even the grumpiest of readers a wry smile.

The stories carefully selected for the book are typically areas that the average reader won’t have heard of before. Though many of them are set in familiar periods of history which helps the readers build from their own base of knowledge.

In this book you will find:

  • 127 exciting stories from different periods and locations across history.
  • Boiled-down information from the words of a historian to help plug holes in your knowledge.
  • Strange accounts, showing an underside of humanity that isn’t discussed in more traditional academic circles.
  • A little extra touch of wit and humor, to keep you entertained along the way.

This book is supposed to help people access new information in a way that isn’t overwhelming or complicated but is instead funny and simple.

The book has some mature themes, though it remains suitable for young teenagers and older, as long as whoever reads the book is just immature enough to be able to laugh at the sillier side of life and history.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift item or just a casual read or light-hearted page-turner, then The World's Best Short Stories is the book for you.


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