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I am an African Canadian and a single mother of 2 loving and talented girls.

Originally from Rwanda, I have always wanted to follow in my father’s footsteps by honouring his legacy. He was a successful entrepreneur who inspired me with a strong work ethic and to strive for excellence.

He was killed in the genocide but his inspiration will always stay deep inside me. With the ability to connect people with products that ultimately fulfill a need in each customer, is one small but critical way to extend my learnings from his teachings.

I chose to sell Amazon products because of the wide variety of products of reputable quality, great prices that are ultimately reviewed by customers, and of course with fast reliable shipping.

For some of the highly specialized products, I recommend that you shop and secure them quickly to ensure you get them, all conveniently delivered to your location.

We ship across the US, Canada and globally.

Thank you for choosing to shop at Sopro Market.

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