Cheerble [3 Interactive Modes] Interactive Cat Toys,Self Moving Bouncing Rotating Cat Ball,Smart Cat

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  • 【3 Interactive Modes Cat Toy】Cheerble Ball is specially designed for active, bored and timid adult cats and kittens. It has 3 interaction modes: Normal, Passive, and Gentle mode. Upon being turned on, it will automatically move, shake or bounce, among which you can switch to fit for different cat plays. In the meantime, the cool LED lights will be on when the ball is operating, attracting cats to chase and capture it, stimulating their hunting instincts.
  • 【Attractive Design for Cats】The surface of the cat ball is made of synthetic fiber. Its Furry touch makes cats feel comfortable to play with. Besides, the 1.65in size is perfect for small breed cats and kittens. You can tie a bell to the ball to enhance its appeal.
  • 【Play-and-Rest Cycle】For Avoiding Overstimulation.Every 10 minutes of operation, Cheerble ball will automatically stop for 30 minutes (it can be restarted by touching), and then run again for 10 minutes, and so on. The maximum running time is 160 minutes. A fully charged (1 hour) cat toy can last for 4 cycles, allowing your cat to settle down between sessions.
  • 【Automatic Obstacle Avoidance】Thanks to the built-in intelligent motion sensor, Cheerble Ball is able to reverse itself and move away when hitting an obstacle or tight spots. No need to worry about it getting stuck in the corner.
  • 【Precautionary Note】Best used on hard floors for better interaction with cats, not on soft carpets. In addition, the ball is not waterproof, please pay attention to keep the ball dry.


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