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Some raw 100% pure

  • Botanix Shea Butter is the highest quality, freshest, Grade A, Premium West African Fair Trade Shea Butter 100% pure, crude, unrefined and un-processed
  • Our Shea Butter is extracted and prepared without chemicals. Produced the same way the African people have done for centuries
  • Grade A Unrefined Shea Butter is raw, extracted from the African Shea Nut using water. Grade A Shea Butter retains much of its natural organic properties
  • Moisturizing Raw Shea Butter for face, body and other skincare products. Blends well with other Botanix favorites such as Botanix Zinc Oxide, Botanix Castor Oil and Botanix Coconut Oil
  • We guarantee the freshness of our Shea Butter. Current best before date is October 2021. Get more Shea Butter! Botanix Shea Butter is a full 500 grams / 1.1 pounds / 17.6 ounces


Star Rating AMAZING!! Premium Organic Quality!!

Reviewed in Canada on November 15, 2017
Size : 500 g / 17.6 oz

I am beyond thrilled with this product! I was a bit worried about the scent, you see so many articles & product reviews, where people complain about the scent of Shea Butter... but I was very pleasantly surprised. It has a super mild scent & was lovely. I'm using it on some psoriasis/eczema patches, dry winter skin & chapped lips. It's slightly waxy texture is perfect to seal in moisture, heal & protect your skin.. without nasty scents or chemicals that are absorbed into your skin... and then into your bloodstream!

I made a few balms and body butters (simply melt oils, soften & whip with electric mixer) with cocoa butter &/or coconut oil and the results are freaking amazing! The block is huge and will last a lonnnnnng time. So much healthier & cheaper to use than expensive formulated creams! Honestly, you can just cut a little piece off the block, warm it between your fingers & rub it into dry areas, that in itself.. would be enough. It's amazing quality stuff. Will reorder, but it'll be awhile... there's so much to use! Five very enthusiastic stars!!!

- Montreal Amazonian

Star Rating Great product! Love it ++++. A huge amount for the price. Looking forward to my next purchase

Reviewed in Canada on October 25, 2017
Size : 500 g / 17.6 oz

Was very pleased with this product. Worth every cent. A huge amount for the little price. Used for skin and hair. It has the scent of real Shea butter from Africa. Hence, i split the product in two. Kept half as is, because i do not mind the scent (as long as i am staying at home, lol). The other half i a few drops of peppermint oil. My girls love it, keeps their hair soft and moisturized. They also love to rub it between their palms till it melts. I can't wait to purchase this item again. Thinking of getting other products from them.

Great product. Keep it up. I appreciate sellers like you. You delivered what you advertised, in no time.

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